International Student Mobility: Trends Among Emerging Markets as Strategic tool for International Student Recruitment Officies


The trade of money and products is flowing freely across countries as well as knowledge. There are around five million students getting higher education outside their nations of origin, this number is three times bigger than in 1990. Nations with lacking capacity of an advanced higher education are increasing the number of students seeking for more new opportunities overseas. This new International Education environment is expanding competition among educational institutions and it is driving to more powerful strategies for recruitment based on a deep comprehension of international student mobility trends. This article was focused in five emerging countries: Nigeria, Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia and Saudi Arabia which have increased the number of outbound students during the last years. It is analyzed the current situation in international education, comparing the trends among the emerging countries and suggesting approaches and strategies in order to improve the recruitment models into new emerging markets.

Biografía del autor/a

Isidro Fierro, UEES Universidad Espiritu Santo
Decano Facultad de Estudios Internacionales